Customized Self-Checkout Terminal

Our strength is the development and manufacture of tailor-made
solutions while meeting your target price.

With us you can implement your ideas for tomorrow today.

Do you have a precise idea of what functions your new self-checkout terminal should contain and what it should look like?

The implementation of your requirements and customer requests in an infi nitive self-checkout terminal with our innovation and technology will inspire you and your customers. With a modular structure, it is possible to put together the ALMEX POSbase S by yourself. You determine the scope of features, size, color and design.

Thanks to its fl exible design, the SCO terminal fi ts into your individual concept in terms of effi ciency and cost structure.

General characteristics
• Meets accessibility requirements
• All service processes are possible from the front
• Suitable for the installation of all common POS components

• Design and color according to customer requirements
• Side tables in size and shape according to customer requirements
• Optional compartment for technical extensions in the side table

• Easy software integration into existing systems with standard components Cashbox
• Terminal available with or without a cash module
• Cash modules can be retrofitted
• Cash modules from Glory or ITL

Optional additional modules
• Optionally, Java POS drivers can be provided
• Camera and software for age detection
• Camera and software for goods recognition
• Checkweigher in different versions
• Hand scanner
• Signal light
• Monitored voucher box