ALMEX stands for quality!

ALMEX has installed an efficient and comprehensive quality management system. It enables the full coverage of all requirements, be it from customers, from the market or from legal requirements.

  • Guidelines

    Almex GmbH is the technologically leading IT, hardware and software specialist for Public Transport and Retail & Logistics in Germany and can look back on almost 40 years of business activity.

    With around 120 employees ALMEX has established itself on the market as a well-known manufacturer of ticketing systems for Public Transport and handheld devices for data collection in Retail and Logistics.

    The core business of the technology company is represented by the core processes of quotation processing, purchasing, repair and service, order processing, project management and research and development as well as supporting services. These internal processes create the prerequisites for focusing strongly on customer requirements and for further strategic development.


    ALMEX becomes the leading technology solution and service partner for individual, innovative, ergonomic products and complete systems for demanding customers in the Public Transport and Retail & Logistics sectors.


    With innovative and perfectly fitting solutions, we make a significant contribution to the success of our customers and promote digitization. Our ergonomic products are simple and intuitive to use. Our lean and efficient processes enable fast and economical results. We offer investment security through durable, robust products and solutions. Growth and a healthy return form the basis for the future development of the company. In addition to secure jobs, we offer our employees creative challenges and a modern medium-sized, dynamic working atmosphere. Maintaining a high quality in the execution of projects, also in terms of adherence to deadlines, and the production of products shape the way in which ALMEX works. Environmental standards, a sustainable way of doing business and the continuous improvement according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 determine our processes, products and services and are essential for our actions. The workstations meet the requirements and are designed according to occupational health and safety.

  • Quality

    Quality is paramount at ALMEX and its customers.

    The large installed base and the success of ALMEX products are essentially based on high quality solutions. Proof of this are numerous follow-up orders from large, well-known companies. Some have been using ALMEX products and solutions for more than 30 years.

    ALMEX has installed an efficient and comprehensive quality management system. It enables the full coverage of all requirements, be it from customers, the market or legal requirements resulting in a comprehensive understanding of the tailor-made development or adaptation of solutions. All of this leads to clear, detailed specifications for production, which is constantly monitored closely. The ingenious management system guarantees a lasting quality – also in the daily business processes.

  • Environment & Sustainability

    ALMEX has been developing IT systems and corresponding hardware for mobile solutions, ticketing, telematics, trade and logistics for more than 30 years.

    The solutions help to make processes more efficient and thus contribute to sustainability and energy saving. Examples are inventory management, order processing, transport logistics, networked mobile and stationary ticket vending machines, complex telematics systems or flexible sales systems. The process improvements lead to a more efficient use of means of transport.

    Recently, this aspect has become increasingly important. With the looming end of the oil age, not only the search for alternative energies has been intensified, but also an increasingly louder call for the economical use of resources. ALMEX supplies suitable solutions and is certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001.

    With its product portfolio, the company contributes to the effective management of public passenger transport, the importance of which plays a key role in shaping the future of the environment. E-ticketing also eliminates the need for paper tickets and printers. Sales and validation take place online. All in all, there is a saving in paper, energy and maintenance.

    At ALMEX, the customer can count on buying long-lasting and well thought-out devices. Low energy consumption, for example, is an important aspect of these products as it determines the duration of use.

    The same applies to the robustness of the industry-grade products, which ensures the use in harsh working environments as well as a long service life. This corresponds to the customer requirements and at the same time offers the customer a piece of sustainability.

    After all, active environmental management leads to changes in the company itself, be it through savings in energy consumption or by changing the awareness of employees.

  • Corporate Culture

    At ALMEX, the direct and open corporate culture of a typical start-up from the time of its foundation has been preserved until today.

    And that despite the fact that the company has grown into a company with around 120 employees. A key reason for this is the high level of continuity in the workforce. This corporate culture is also perceived by customers as something special. They value ALMEX speed, flexibility and openness.

    Behind the name ALMEX are people: engineers, computer scientists, merchants, designers, technicians, administrators. Their common goal is the development and production of powerful and highly efficient, but also user-friendly and reliable products for Public Transport and Retail & Logistics solutions that can be used in all markets of the world. Highest quality and customer proximity are self-evident yardsticks.

    ALMEX employees design and construct, organize and accompany production, train users and answer customer questions. ALMEX employees are highly qualified. They are conceptually active or constructive, they are highly specialized and innovative, they are committed and involved in a variety of communication and discussion contexts.

    The knowledge incorporated in our products, the concepts that are developed for future tasks – these are the people working at ALMEX. The performance of the company is characterized by the creative interplay of the different forces and ways of thinking that collide productively here at ALMEX. For these reasons, the health of employees at ALMEX has the highest priority. This expresses itself, amongst others, in the successful introduction of a Occupational Health Management program in 2018.