Innovative Solution for Ticket Sales

Easy to operate, service-friendly and perfectly protected against vandalism.

The next generation of ticket vending machines

Modern design meets easy operation and functionality. The cashless by ALMEX combines ticket sales, passenger information and user support in one single unit.

Ticket sales as well as information to passengers, also by
videochat, are displayed by touchscreen interface. Payment
can be done by banking and creditcards, also EMVCo and
contactless e-ticketing media.

  • Shapely stainles stell casing, vandalism resistant
  • 32″ touch display
  • 2nd display on rear side (optional)
  • PIN pad with card reader for banking, credit cards, EMVCo support as well as e-ticketing media
  • 2D imager
  • Thermal printer with 2 paper rolls
  • Videocamera, loud speaker and microphone für video assistance
  • Industrial PC with windows operating system
  • LAN and mobile communication
  • Intelligent power supply
  • Mounting frame