Customized Self-Checkout Terminal in Hybrid Version

From Cash Register to Self-Checkout in 5 Seconds

We are your partner when it comes to individual and universal solutions in the checkout area.

  • Be up to any rush of customers with individually convertible cash registers.
  • Use your personnel capacities depending on the number of customers.
  • One handle and the cash register can be switched from a selfcheckout terminal


• Operation by customers and cashiers possible
• Cash payment possible at the cashier, built-in cash drawer available
• Meets accessibility requirements
• The requirements for a cash desk workplace are met (DGUV-I 208-003)
• Design, size and color design according to customer requirements, optionally with checkweigher
• Suitable for the use of all common POS components
• Simple software integration into existing systems using standard components
• Optionally, Java POS driver can be provided

More options

• Camera and software for age detection
• Camera and software for goods recognition
• Diff erent versions of the checkweigher
• Hand scanner
• Signal light
• Monitored coupon box