With this renewed major order for the most modern machine technology, the trust of Deutsche Bahn in ALMEX was confirmed.

Hannover, 12.06.2020

On May 15th, 2020, a framework agreement was signed between ALMEX GmbH and Deutsche Bahn AG for the delivery of at least 500 ticket machines of the latest, third generation.
Already in 1995, ALMEX GmbH supplied Deutsche Bahn AG with 3,000 first-generation ticket machines, among other things. In 2007, 3,500 second generation units were commissioned./strong>

Also as a longstanding supplier for mobile terminals for train attendants, e.g. the POS MTx, ALMEX is a reliable partner for Deutsche Bahn AG.

With this new major order, the confidence of Deutsche Bahn in ALMEX was confirmed.

The delivery of the 500 state-of-the-art ticket vending machines is already scheduled for 2025.

Today, the requirements for a ticket vending machine equipped for future technologies relate not only to reliable usability, ease of use and a competitive price, but also to a high degree of a modular equipment, use of current technologies, also taking resource conservation and environmental friendliness into account.

The large selection of modules, e.g. from the simple 15 “monitor (touch screen) to the combination of two screens, of which e.g. one screen can be used for live video consultation up to the 32 “screen, enthusiastic.

Payment processes can be carried out with cash, but also cashless using contactless card readers or eTickets. The replacement of the usual residual money storage by reliable discriminators and the use of a second printer system increase the availability of the machines and reduce the number of service calls.

The clear separation of hardware and software functionalities enables simple and flexible implementation of future requirements. The hardware is connected via so-called basic services, which act independently of the manufacturer through the use of standardized UPOS drivers.

Durable hardware and service friendliness stand for sustainability and resource efficiency, which was already important when procuring energy-efficient assemblies and components.

Another focus was placed on protection against vandalism and attempts to break in. The new machine fulfills current VdS requirements.

Additional to the technical implementation, the new ticket machines also offer additional ease of use for passengers thanks to their innovative and modern design. Signaling, e.g. illuminated areas and real-time displays in the lighting attachment of the machine simplify operation and offer even more information in a contemporary design.