ALMEX receives order from Deutsche Bahn within the Innovation Partnership New DB Automatenplattform

Hannover, 10.11.2017

ALMEX GmbH has prevailed against international competition and has been awarded the Innovation Partnership “New DB Automatenplattform” by DB Vertrieb GmbH. This is a development project of strategic importance for the sales organization of Deutsche Bahn (DB), which is embedded in the complete software redesign of the DB ticket vending machines.

The Innovation Partnership implements a ticket vending machine architecture that provides flexible integration and control of all existing and future hardware modules, as well as basic services for operating a machine with a unified interface for software applications. On behalf of DB Vertrieb GmbH, ALMEX designs and implements innovative and modular software solutions, especially for so-called basic services and operating applications for ticket vending machines.

The basic services connect the local machine hardware via a “Unified POS” interface to a central sales application. ALMEX is picking up an explicit UPOS specification for the ticket vending machine defined by DB. The basic services thus encapsulate hardware accesses and provide services for performing e.g. local ticket-printing at a machine. Hereby, the basic services allow applications to perform their functions independent of the hardware and operating system.

“The separation of application programs, such as basic ticket sales and operations applications, to the TVM’s basic functionality enables easy replacement of software versions and flexible application development,” said Klaus Micheli, Project Manager at DB Vertrieb for the Innovation Partnership “New DB Automatenplattform “. “The new ticket vending machine architecture thus offers maximum flexibility and maximum stability,” adds Micheli.

“The Innovation Partnership with DB Vertrieb GmbH is the ideal opportunity for ALMEX to use our extensive knowledge in the field of TVM systems to develop a forward-looking, state-of-the-art solution in the age of digitization,” says Thomas Dibbern, Managing Director of ALMEX GmbH: “In the Innovation Partnership, we can, in particular, call on our vast experience with UPOS.”

The Innovation Partnership is set up as an agile development project and started in November 2017. The three planned development phases will last until the beginning of 2019. The new DB TVM platform will be used on all existing ticket vending machines from DB as well as on new video TVMs, which ALMEX GmbH will also supply to DB Vertrieb for a first project next year.

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