The buses of the Danish transport company Midttrafik in Aarhus were equipped with an integrated solution from ALMEX replacing the existing vending machine technology.

For the passengers in Aarhus several stops in the city area were additionally equipped with stationary ticket machines.

The option of cashless card payment reduces the costs for maintenance and emptying the machines.

At the same time, the monitoring creates constant transparency about the state of the machines.

The ALMEX compact TVM is not only particularly safe and robust and can withstand break-in attempts, but it also communicates online with the head office to provide information about ongoing sales and maintenance requirements.

If a new tariff is put into force, it can simply be installed online in the bus depot via WLAN. This way you can also transfer the sales data of the day.

The trains from Midttrafik also use the ALMEX compact mobile ticket machine.

The background system ALMEX office connects several independent transport companies with a common operational control center.

The mobile sales systems are constantly monitored via a GPRS connection.

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